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My only love sprung from my only hate

A story brimming with desire and frustration, old resentment and new beginnings, love and hate. Young people caught up in the fury of their fathers, adding fuel to a grudge that should have been buried years ago.

And a pair of star crossed lovers who crash headlong towards their fate …. or what if instead of the fate that is written for them, they could choose a different path? Make a different decision? Have a different outcome? Forest Forge Youth Theatre tackles these questions by presenting 6 Romeos and 6 Juliets.

All falling in love at first sight, all swept up in the heat of the moment. However each time a different choice could have been made, we will see it happen. How many couples will make it to the end? And what will their fate be? And to add a final twist, a fateful coin toss each night will seal the destinies of the last two couples.


Wednesday 16th January 7.30pm – BOOK TICKETS

Thursday 17th January 7.30pm – BOOK TICKETS

Friday 18th January 7.30pm – SOLD OUT!

Saturday 19th January 2.30pm – BOOK TICKETS

Saturday 19th January 7.30pm – SOLD OUT!