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Forest Forge Theatre’s Act Your Age adult drama group presents one of Shakespeare’s most loved tales of forbidden romance; fairies; and fantastical forest adventures.

Set against the chatter of a knitting group, our story springs to life as Hermia goes against her Father’s will and runs off into the forest to be with her lover Lysander. Pursued by their love rivals, they are unaware of what awaits them in the woods…

Meanwhile, a group of unsuspecting workmen prepare a play to present to the Duke of Athens. Also blissfully unaware of the trouble afoot, believe the forest is a ‘marvellous and convenient place for rehearsal.’

Unfortunately, they have all wandered into the Fairy realm. With the rulers of the Fairy Kingdom at war, and the mischievous Puck ready to cause trouble at any opportunity- the unsuspecting mortals are in for a turbulent time!

Using youth theatre members to play the ‘sensible’ adults in the piece, and set amidst our hand kitted woodland setting, join us as we take you on a magical romp through Fairyland.

Friday 15th March, 7pm – Limited tickets. Please call 01425 470188 to check availability

Saturday 16th March, 7pm – BOOK TICKETS